Managed Backup

David Mercer Consulting, Inc. and Mozy, Inc. have partnered to provide a managed backup solution – a secure, automatic and offsite backup solution for your desktops, laptops, and servers, both PC and Mac.  MozyPro is deployed and managed for you by David Mercer Consulting, Inc. We monitor and verify that you backup is occurring as it should.

It does not require any hardware purchase, and is billed on a quarterly basis.


$5/month for each workstation.
$10/month for each server.
$.75/GB/month fee for the backed up data.

Features Benefits
Multitenant administrative console Centrally manage end-user backups from any location through an intuitive, web-based administrative console.
448-bit Blowfish encryption Apply robust encryption during the backup process.
“Hot” backup of Exchange, SQL, and VMware Get native backup support while in production, without need for third-party plug-ins.
Version (snapshot) support Restore from multiple file versions saved up to 30 days in the past.
Automatic or scheduled backup Perform backups while your computer is not in use, or schedule backups at daily or weekly intervals.
Block-level incremental backups Save bandwidth and accelerate subsequent backups.
Open/locked file support Back up all open and locked files including Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook PST files.